Reset Physical Therapy

At Reset Physical Therapy and Wellness we believe your health is the most important investment of both your time and your money. That’s why our highly trained and experienced staff work diligently to provide the most effective rehabilitation techniques possible, allowing us to be good stewards of your time and your money.

Reset PT offers rehab and wellness services that we feel are the most evidence based, research backed and well-studied in the industry. Our staff is well trained and highly educated and we have a passion for what we do! We love our patients and we love the partnerships we form with you, as patient, as we work together to achieve goals.

Our focus is manual therapy, which research shows to be most effective in resolving musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Manual therapy techniques include joint mobilizations, functional dry needling, soft tissue mobilizations, kinesiotaping, and instrument assisted neurosensory modulation among other patient specific techniques.

Our goal at Reset Physical Therapy is to help you achieve your personal goal!! We understand goals are different for each person and your goals, as a patient, may differ from ours as medical providers however, we commit to honor your goals and work diligently to help you achieve them. Some goals may be recovering from a surgery or an incident like a stroke or heart attack and others may be improving strength in order to run longer, ride further or get back to hiking in these beautiful mountains we call home. No matter your personal goal or your personal challenge, we want to partner with you on your road to success!