Your Investment

We know you value your time and your money and we want to be good stewards of both!

New Patient Evaluation Visit


Consists of 1 to 1.5 hours of one-on-one time with our Doctor of Physical Therapy during which you will receive a thorough evaluation and assessment of your pain, dysfunction or complaint area as well as assessment of how other areas may be contributing to and/or affected by your painful area. If you authorize it, treatment will begin during this session immediately following evaluation as time allows.

Follow Up Patient Visit


Consists of 45 minutes to 1 hour of one-on-one work with one of our licensed professionals. Session will include treatments and techniques as prescribed for you and your specific needs based on your evaluation with our Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Discovery Visit


Not sure if PT is the right fit for you? Not sure if you’re ready? Schedule 15 minutes to come see us. We’ll gladly demonstrate our techniques, talk you through the process and answer any general questions you may have.

Home Safety Review


Reset is a Self Pay Clinic

Payment is required at time of service according to the price list above. Reset works on a patient empowerment model which means we want you to be a partner in your care. Our goal is to deliver expert physical therapy and that’s where we excel. We feel providing high quality patient specific 1:1 care can cost you less in the long run by reducing your total number of visits.

Changes in health care today make filing one’s own reimbursement claims easier than ever. Communicating with your provider by phone or setting up a patient portal account on their website helps you better understand your policy coverage and maintain a good working relationship with your insurance provider. Reset will always provide you with an itemized receipt to submit with your reimbursement claim form and we have a tip sheet to help first-timers file a claim.

Medicare Patients

$co-pay per your specific Medicare plan

Medicare is the only insurance we accept. Medicare will be billed based on the treatments and techniques you receive at each visit not the charges you see above; this is how we’re required to bill Medicare. You are responsible, at the time of service, for any co-pay or portion set forth in your specific Medicare plan.

Please note that any service or technique not covered/authorized by Medicare will require payment by you directly to Reset PT—we will always notify you in advance and request your permission before providing these techniques.